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Murten, March 2016 – The PG5 Controls Suite software from Saia Burgess Controls (SBC) allows users to create and run automation solutions. The new 2.2 version is available now, and contains an updated version of Web Editor, an improved FUPLA editor and a range of new functions and expansions.

The PG5 Controls Suite contains programming and engineering tools, as well as libraries with ready-made logic, regulation and automation modules for faster, straightforward engineering.

The 2.2 version features the Wiring Check Tool, a new tool for checking inputs and outputs. It has been developed for technicians and electricians who have to check the connections within a control cabinet, or inspect them during commissioning in order to gain approval of the final installation. The tool is simple to use and requires no knowledge of PG5. It can be installed independently of PG5, with no need for a license or user registration.

Here are just some of the possible applications:

Other new features in the latest software version include an improved FUPLA editor (function plan editor). The internal structure has been completely reconfigured. A range of functions have been optimised in order to significantly reduce the time required for setting a program. Implementing a new routing algorithm, for example, makes it even easier to combine FBoxes with each other.

The new features of the updated Web Editor 8 include a run button, which allows users to test a web project at the click of a button without having to load files in the PCD. New templates are also available, and the image processing function has been expanded with SVG image format, rotation and a scaling mode. It also allows the creation of multiple-page templates.

The latest software update can be downloaded with the Update Manager directly in PG5, or from the SBC support site. Every time PG5 starts up, the Update Manager runs in the background and checks whether the latest version is installed.